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TdT 1200Km Route 2021

These links listed below are for viewing purposes only as the GPX Track and TCX Course files contain too many track points (>10,000). If the routes are loaded onto a GPS, they will be incomplete, ie the route will be truncated. Instead download the modified GPX and/or TCX files listed further below:

Complete Route  1201.4km +14,800m/-14,800m 90 Hour time limit, Day 1 depart 0500 The Whaler
Day 1  Scottsdale 354.1km/354.1km +4230m/-4060m Control close 0436 day 2 (23h36m) Lords Hotel
Day 2  Gowrie Park 363.3km/717.4km +4110m/-4040m Control close 0716 day 3 (26h40m) Wilderness Village
Day 3  Queenstown 220.7km/938.1km +3310m/-3430m Control close 0235 day 4 (19h19m) West Coaster Motel
Day 4  Hobart 263.3km/1201.4km +3180m/-3310m Control close 2300 day 4 (20h25m) The Whaler

Day 2 v2  Poor weather route Gowrie Park 363.5km+3510m/-3430m Control close 0716 day 3 (26h40m). Note the Gowrie Park Overnight Control close time of 0716 remains the same as the original Day 2 route, but the 1st intermediary control changes to Beaconsfield (was Westbury) and the 2nd control Deloraine will have a different closing time - check Cue sheets below.
Day 3 v2  Poor weather route Queenstown 221.5km+3500m/-3550m Control close 0235 day 4 (19h19m). Note the Queenstown Overnight Control close time of 0235 remains the same as the original Day 3 route, but the one intermediary control changes to Tullah (was Zeehan) - check Cue sheets below.

Garmin Edge series GPS help
+ Do I use the GPX or TCX file? Ride with GPS support
+ Free Routable OpenStreetMap (OSM) for Garmin GPS Routable Openfietsmap Lite
+ More OSM information for Garmin Edge 705/800/810/1000 Biking Brian
+ Even more OSM information for Garmin Edge 705/800/810/1000 DC Rainmaker
+ Navigation options using Garmin Edge series GPS

GPX Track 2021 downloads for (most) GPS (no Cue sheet pop-ups, no WAYPOINTS, just the line on the map)
GPX Tracks updated and uploaded as of DD MM YYYY

TCX Course 2021 downloads for (only) Garmin Edge GPS, Course Points (or Cue sheet pop-ups) are included - 30m prior to the turn. Virtual Partner if selected is set at 20kph - recommended to turn off.
TCX Courses updated and uploaded as of DD MM YYYY

Cue sheets 2021 DOCX (unlocked) & PDF files are both available, please print if you require hard copies.

Maps 2021 JPEGs
Day 1 high-res (23.3MB) low-res (10.1MB)
Day 2 high-res (23.8MB) low-res (10.4MB)
Day 3 high-res (23.5MB) low-res (10.3MB)
Day 4 high-res (22.5MB) low-res (10.3MB)
Hobart region Day 1 & 4 med-res (5.2MB)
Launceston region Day 2 med-res (7.1MB)
Day 2 v2 med-res Poor weather route (12.3MB)
Day 3 v2 med-res Poor weather route (19.4MB)

Randonneurs USA (RUSA) Planner (2021)
Link to ACP 1200km/90hour Planner
RUSA Planner 2021 Results differ by a small number of minutes due to rounding of entered distances.

EXCEL Ride Planner (2021)
An Excel Ride Planner is available for download (a modified version of the PBP 2011 planner by 'tim-moon-feldman'). To predict your arrival times at Controls, input expected stage speed to the next Control, input expected time off bike between Controls, and input expected Layover time at each Control. Instructions are provided in the Excel Planner download. Modifications of the planner could even be made on-the-fly with an appropriate phone app. The Excel file is unlocked, modify with caution.

TdT Ride Planner 2021 v1 (49kB)

Below are two screenshots (select an image to enlarge) as an example from the Excel ride planner and corresponding chart of a planned scenario by a rider. Note: the yellow, orange and red cells are time warnings. Even though the rider can complete 1200km within 90 hours, they failed to arrive at the Derwent Bridge Control at or before 9.48am, and had in fact arrived 9.56am, only 8 minutes late! :(  Enter your expected stage speeds between CPs, times off the bike at CPs and layover times at overnight controls, these entries occur in the cells with white space - this will give you an idea of what times you might achieve assuming all goes well! These rider inputs can be adjusted on-the-fly using a mobile phone.

TdT Ride Planner 2021

TdT Chart 2021