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TdT GT Route 2019

These links listed below are for viewing purposes only as some of the GPX Track files contain too many track points (>10,000). If the Track files are loaded onto a GPS, they will be incomplete, ie the route will be truncated. Instead download the modified GPX Track files listed below. Please note: TCX Course files will not be provided as these are too unreliable on Garmin GPS.

200km  Hobart - Coles Bay +2100m/-2000m Control close 1930 (13H30M) BIG4 Iluka
300km  Freycinet - Deloraine +3300m/-3120m Control close 0200 day 2 (20H) Mountain View Country Inn
400km  Deloraine - Launceston +3520m/-3700m Control close 0900 day 2 (27H) Launceston Backpackers
600km  Launceston - Hobart +7430m/-7430m Control close 2100 day 2 (40H) The Whaler

Garmin Edge series GPS help
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GPX Track 2019 downloads for (most) GPS (no Cue sheet pop-ups, no WAYPOINTS, just the line on the map)
GPX Tracks TBA
200km GPX Track TBA (x.xMB)
300km GPX Track TBA (x.xMB)
400km GPX Track TBA (x.xMB)
600km GPX Track - Day 1 TBA (x.xMB)
600km GPX Track - Day 2 TBA (x.xMB)
600km GPX Track v2 - Day 1 TBA Poor weather route (x.xMB)

Cue sheets 2019 Ride With GPS Cue Sheets, please print if you require hard copies.
Cue Sheets TBA
TdT GT 200km Cue Sheet (1.2MB)
TdT GT 300km Cue Sheet TBA (x.xMB)
TdT GT 400km Cue Sheet TBA (x.xMB)
TdT GT 600km Cue Sheet TBA (x.xMB)

Maps 2019 JPEGs
Maps TBA
Hobart Inset med-res TBA (x.xMB)